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Physiotherapy For General Health & Sports Rehab

Discover how a different approach to full body movement can help you in your everyday life to achieve balance and harmony. At Auckland Physiotherapy Experts, we take pride in delivering results that the local community can trust, and delivered by a team of professionals that can be relied upon when you’re not feeling 100%.

Our highly trained team of physiotherapists will talk with you and make sure that we get to the root of your problem, and then use a very gentle, whole body approach to not only heal your current aches and pains, but also to improve your everyday movement and general well being.

With over 15 years experience in the local area, we excel in generating happy, healthy, healed clients – and keeping them healthy!

University Trained Physio & Rehab Therapist Available 7 Days

Everyone has a different sort of pain. Everyone can handle different levels as well….and of course, everyone recovers in a different way too.

Physical Therapist Supporting These Locations

We cover all the Auckland City area including LeeNorth Shore, Albany, Clevedon, Howick, Ponsoby, Coatsville and Bucklands Beach. We also take work from throughout the Mount Edan & Wellsford areas, dependent upon job size and availability of our expertengineers.

Give us a call on 09 887 8685 and fill out the form for a free consultation.

Our programs and treatment plans are designed with ground-breaking techniques and exercises that are custom tailored to your aches and pains.

How Physiotherapy Can Help Back Pain & Sciatica Problems

Physiotherapy Experts Auckland takes pride in the fact that we have been healing patients for more than 15 years. Muscle damage can lead to pain, stiffness, swelling, bruising and muscle weakness. Our job is to establish which part of the body is damaged, and ideally, how the damage was caused.

We also continue to assess each patient at every visit to ensure that they are hitting the milestones they need to hit for a successful recovery.

We’ll tailor your individualised program to match your recovery pace, and to ensure you are receiving the best experience possible.By understanding the root of the injury, we can focus not only on treating the injury, but also on building up strength long-term to prevent the injury from recurring.

The aim of our treatment is to restore normal, pain-free movement so that you can resume your everyday life.

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We design our treatments to be hands-on, in a one-on-one and specialized environment, to ensure that you have fastest road to recovery and feeling better in yourself.

Our comprehensive evaluation includes assessment of your joint motion and stability, your muscular and cardiovascular endurance, your muscle strength and flexibility, as well as your ability to perform daily activities.

We focus not only on treating your injuries, but also on preventing them recurring in the future. You can book in your initial consultation with one of our consultants by calling 09 887 8685

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